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hol mich heim

niemand hört, niemand kommt

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Life is a cabaret, old chum
Ruby, sadly seventeen, the Netherlands, a to-be Viennese girl, musical theatre, kabarett with a k, reading the world, singing dezemberlieder during summer and winter.

adventures, alice in wonderland, amsterdam, autumn, baking, bare feet, being alone but not lonely, belvedere, berlin, books, chai latte, chirping birds, chocolate, cities, classical music, cotton candy, daisy chains, daphne du maurier, deutsch, deutschland, dezemberlieder, dreaming, egon schiele, elisabeth, fairy tales, fall, films, friends, funny dreams, german, gold, granny smiths, green, gustav klimt, harry potter, heinrich heine, herta müller, herztier, history, hol mich heim, hungarian, i feel wicked, idina menzel, ilja leonard pfeijffer, jane austen, journals, kabarett with a k, kaiserin elisabeth, kate winslet, laura marling, lenka, lewis carroll, libraries, life is a cabaret, literature, little women, london, lost in austen, lucy scherer, luna lovegood, manderley, marie antoinette, masks, maya hakvoort, milk, mr. darcy, music, musical theatre, notebooks, paper, paris, pearls, peter pan, philosophy, pia douwes, poems, poetry, pride & prejudice, pride and prejudice, purple, rain, reading, regina spektor, remembering dreams, schatzi, school, screaming, secondhand bookstores, secrets, shakespeare, silver, smell of old books, smiles, snow, somebody i, somebody ii, spring, stuffed animals, sugar, summer, sunshine, sylvia plath, tea, tears, the second world war, the tale of despereaux, three musketeers, tiredness of the soul, typewriters, ute lemper, vacation, vienna, waking up early, wicked, wien, wietske van tongeren, willemijn verkaik, winter, wishes, wishing on stars, writing, writing long letters, you